The Best Connectivity Experience in the Sky

The future of IFC has arrived.

Stay Connected Inflight With SmartSky 4G LTE

Fortune magazine reports terrestrial wireless subscribers used almost 10 trillion megabytes of data in 2015, more than double consumption in 2014. The enormous appetite for data on the ground is seen in the sky, too. Inflight consumers expect to stream, chat, text, call, game, and video conference. Users not only want their inflight Wi-Fi to match the capabilities they enjoy on land, they demand it.

Today’s passengers and operations require speed, reliability, security and value. SmartSky 4G LTE is the answer.

Improved Performance + Lower Costs

SmartSky 4G LTE brings bidirectional, high bandwidth and extremely low latency to inflight connectivity. Leverage SmartSky 4G LTE through SmartSky Select, which identifies apps and services that have been tailored to run on our fast network, thus generating significant benefits and cost savings, including reducing direct operating expenses and lowering your total cost of aircraft ownership.

  • Optimized flight paths
  • Fuel savings
  • Engine/airframe monitoring
  • Analytics and predictive maintenance
  • Continuous hi-def weather and turbulence mapping
  • Sensor data collection
  • And more…