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Weary of agonizingly slow in-flight file download and even slower upload times? Frustrated by an utter inability to kick back and stream a sporting event or movie? To conduct a real-time conference call? To have the cockpit connectivity your crew so desperately needs and that you want to provide? If you’d like to kick that annoying digital spinning beach ball to the curb, relax. Things are about to get better. A lot better.

estimating your monthly data usage

Each SmartSky plan delivers a true officelike experience.
Stream video real time plus talk, text, email, game and web surf.




These proven industry leaders have partnered with SmartSky to change air-to-ground communication, entertainment and connectivity. Forever. Once you fly with SmartSky’s 4G LTE network, any other Wi-Fi option feels even more sluggish. You can end the frustrating feeling of dial-up. Move forward. Say no to slow. And hello to speed.

smartsky 4g lte nationwide coverage plan


SmartSky’s engineering team designed our network to typically deliver a rich, 4G inflight connectivity experience.
SmartSky cannot guarantee service availability within this map of its planned U.S. coverage area. Actual service, quality and availability (including initiation, validation and maintenance of an inflight connection) can be affected by signal strength, aircraft and network traffic volume, service outages, network changes, site rollout sequencing, governmental regulatory changes and other conditions.

Our radio has been crafted as a great form-fit replacement for existing Gogo systems. Choose the cabin wireless access point (i.e., Wi-Fi router) that’s right for you.

installation that’s truly smart

We’ve partnered with some of the industry’s best to install our radio hardware. Electronics in our antennas improve performance and permit the use of lighter, more flexible coaxial cabling, simplifying installation now and reducing fuel burn later. Use the included router to provide in-cabin Wi-Fi. Alternatively, opt out of it and receive a $3,000 credit toward the router of your choice available from multiple qualified suppliers, enabling more features like satellite communications system integration, enhanced routing logic, etc. Don’t worry, you don’t have to make this decision today; it’s a part of the installation process that our partners will guide you through. Everything has been thought through to make installation as hassle-free and painless as possible. Ideally, installation can take place during your aircraft’s regularly scheduled annual maintenance.
Our goal: to get your bird back up in the air fast.

Lock Onto the Beam

Get Ready for Nationwide Rollout
Exclusive Customer Service and Support Provided by Satcom Direct
Introductory Hardware Pricing of $93,000 Plus Installation


Call Alan Goodnight at 800.660.9982, ext. 705, or email for more information
about scheduling your aircraft for SmartSky 4G LTE technology installation. Get ready to enjoy blazing fast 4G LTE.